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Completion + Quality Assignment + Healthy Grading = Student Success

All students are expected to demonstrate mastery of the Missouri Learning Standards. To ensure that every student has the ability to accomplish this, every quality assignment is expected to be completed by every student.

The ICU approach is an important aspect of student academic success at Jackson High School. ICU will serve as an important resource for academic success and intervention. This process will place a heavy emphasis on providing students with remediation, enrichment, support, and multiple opportunities for extra academic assistance to ensure that every student learns at the highest level. We want EVERY student to complete EVERY quality assignment.

ICU will offer multi-tiered supports and interventions through the use of a database that is designed to aid teachers and students. The purpose of the ICU database is to maintain a list of students that are in need of additional support to complete their quality assignments. Although students are placed in the database for missing assignments, it is the mission of ICU to help teachers reach the students that need extra assistance in demonstrating mastery through quality assignments. By establishing the expectation to “show what they know” through quality assignments, students will develop accountability as a byproduct.

FIRST LAYER - The Assigning Teacher

The first layer of support is the assigning teacher. Before adding to the ICU list, teachers need to speak with the students directly and develop a plan to prevent the student from falling behind. The first step is encouraging the student to complete the assignment in class, during advisory, during success center, or at home. Teachers will work to develop a positive relationship with all students and will work to motivate students to complete all of their work. We want our students to know that we care about their learning, and we will go to great lengths to provide our students with the best possible education.


The ICU List

The ICU database is a tool used to support students who are missing or have not completed assignments by the determined due date. When you submit a student to the ICU list, the system will send a message or email to the student and his/her parent/guardian making them aware that the student is missing an assignment. It is important to update the ICU list (adding/removing assignments) on a daily basis. Student work does not need to be graded before removing it. Incomplete or poor-quality work may be re-assigned.

Effective use of the ICU database:

  • Eligible assignments should only be those that assess the Missouri Learning Standards and aligned to district curriculum. (no busy work or low-quality assignments).
  • The messenger component does not replace parent contact by the teacher.
  • Assignments are added individually, not by unit or chapter. This should be done within 3 days of the missing assignment.



The second layer is a key component to successfully teaching students to honor learning. Working as ONE TEAM, everyone including teachers, coaches, club sponsors, and office staff will check the ICU database daily to help students identify what assignments they are missing. Additionally, the JHS staff connects with students and provides resources, extra help, or time to complete all quality assignments. This level is the front line of the support system. Consistent communication with students should include…

  • Can you tell me what assignments you still need to complete?
  • Is the ICU list accurate?
  • Do you have what you need to complete your assignments?
  • What is the easiest assignment you can complete?
  • Will you be able to turn it in today?
  • Celebrate student success! Reward students and take their name off the list ASAP.

*  It is the responsibility of every teacher to verify students are cleared from the list prior to leaving for in-school events and/or field trips. Students are not allowed to attend in-school events (assemblies, pep rallies, etc.) or field trips if they are on the ICU list.

*  Advisory teachers will check privilege status every 2 weeks. However, all students will need to check-in at the beginning of advisory every day. If a student is placed on the list, he/she will need to remain in advisory that day to complete the assignment. Once they are taken off the list, they will be able to continue their privilege status for that two week period. (Tip: Have ICU list displayed when students walk into advisory class.)

*  Each advisory teacher may give one of their advisory students a “life raft.” This means that the teacher can reward one student per TERM with temporary privilege status for a two week grading period. The “life raft” is for students who are meeting expectations and working really hard academically, but still may fall just below the 80% proficiency.

*  Advisory Blue Card Travel - Please refer to the Advisory document for Blue Card travel procedures.


THIRD LAYER - The Lifeguards

The third layer is designed as a backup to support teachers. This layer includes a team of lifeguards. Lifeguards have the responsibility of carefully watching over their assigned classrooms. Lifeguards will check in on students on a daily basis.

Lifeguards visit classrooms during 5th period. It is important to communicate with your lifeguard concerning times that limit classroom distractions. It is beneficial to prepare students to meet with the lifeguard by discussing what students need to complete prior to their arrival. Please contact a lifeguard if you have any questions or if a student needs extra support.


Assigning Teacher’s Role

Advisory Teacher’s Role

Coach / Sponsor’s Role

Lifeguard’s Role

- Place students on the list within 3 days of missing assignments.

- Write blue passes for students who need extra practice, enrichment, or extra support for completing an assignment.

- Have a designated spot in your classroom to post students who are missing an assignment.

- Hold students accountable for their missing work.

- Give back incomplete or unacceptable work.

- Update list daily.

- Keep a list of students who are requested to advisory. If a student does not show up, they are considered skipping and a lifeguard should be notified.

- Display list on the projector every day.

- Establish expectations and be consistent. Students should use this time to work on assignments.

- Hold students accountable for their missing work.

- Do not allow those students to play games, socialize, or misuse class time.

- Require privileged students to remain in the classroom until the assignment is turned in and removed from the list.


- Use your relationship with the student to encourage and motivate.

- Have conversations with your player/club members about their missing work.

- Repeat offenders may receive additional consequences at the coach’s/sponsor’s or administrator's discretion.

- Visit classrooms during 5th period to discuss the missing work with the student.

- Communicate with classroom teachers about students and assignments.

- Communicate with administration for students needing extra support.

- If no progress is made within the other layers, the lifeguard may look into other interventions (layer 5).

FOURTH LAYER - Working Lunch

The fourth layer of support is a student being assigned to a Working Lunch. Students missing three or more assignments or have exceeded five days on the ICU list may need additional time and support to help them learn. This extra support can be provided only by a Lifeguard. Students will get their lunch and report to a designated area where they will work on completing assignments. These students will report to the Working Lunch until the assignment(s) are turned in. 

If a student continues to struggle to complete their assignments after the previous layers have been put in place, the student will be referred for Administrative Intervention. This process is designed to provide more intense interventions to support the student and their learning. The obtainable goal is for students to know what they owe (failed to learn), be actively engaged in what they owe (need to learn), have a plan for what they owe (to learn), and receive the support they need to complete what they owe (their learning).

FIFTH LAYER - Administrative Intervention

The fifth layer (administrative intervention) will be used if there is no student progress within the other levels. Lifeguards will refer students to administrators if the student(s)...

  • continues to show a lack of progress on three or more assignments
  • is still missing an assignment 14 days past the original due date

Administration will then make an action plan to provide extra support.

Possible Interventions:

  • Identify barriers that have contributed to the incomplete learning (multiple absences, peer conflicts, medical issues, lack of understanding or resources, etc.) and discuss the expectations moving forward.
  • Meet with student, parent, lifeguard, and counselor to discuss progress and expectations.
  • Decide on a plan to motivate the student, encourage advocating for help, maintain a list of assignments, etc.
  • Assign Saturday School, Success Center, ISS, or other additional time to learn the standards by completing assignments. 

 *Adopted: 2019-2020

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