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Advisory is an important component to our school day and serves as our number one system of academic intervention and student support. Each student is assigned an advisory teacher. Students will remain with their Advisory teacher for all four years at JHS. 

The benefits of our Advisory Program:

  • Every student has a caring staff member that monitors their academic progress in school. The Advisory teacher conducts weekly grade checks, provides motivation, encouragement, and praise.

  • Advisory teachers provide parents, counselors, and administrators with important information on students who are struggling academically, socially, or emotionally. This helps keep students from "falling through the cracks" in a school of 1,700 + students.

  • The Advisory teacher serves as a consistent contact person for parents to be able to stay connected with their students' education.

  • Students build relationships with classmates they may have otherwise not associated with.

  • Students have one consistent staff member they see every day while at JHS to whom they can report problems or concerns.

  • All students have time during the day to get extra help on their school work. On specific days students are able to go to other teachers rooms to get help on their school work. Sometimes some of our reluctant learners are required to go to a teacher for extra help. Advisory provides this time.

  • One of the biggest motivators to a HS student is a little free time. Our students can earn free Advisory time (Privilege) for handling their academic responsibilities well. Students, who maintain an 80% average in all their classes, have good attendance, and no major discipline can earn free time during Advisory. This is a "privilege" that our students value!

  • There are many other less tangible benefits to this system of intervention!

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